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This book is intended to be utilized as a supplemental tool to increase

individual and ensemble tonal production. This book utilizes the same set of 10 exercises, but places them into all 12 major key centers. This ultimately allows the teacher to warm-up in foundational key signatures that support the repertoire being taught in the room on any given day.


Some liberties should be taken by the director. These include­—but are not limited to— tempo, articulation, phrasing, etc. While it is abundantly true that most band repertoire tends to live in a select set of key signatures, this should not result in students not taking the time to learn all keys as harmonically speaking, the notes we play in different chords are present because of the borrowed tonality of all the different key signatures.

Tone Master (A New Ensemble Development Sequence)

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  • Product is due to release in digital PDF format in mid-July!

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