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TTM Consulting

Coming out of the 2020-2021 Covid Pandemic, Tom and his wife Jenna decided to branch out to begin helping people find a way to achieve their goals and dreams. 


As an experienced and practicing teacher, Tom has spent the last 9 years of his life devoting his time and energy developing and helping students and colleagues alike to achieve goals. Additionally, Tom is also a grant writing specialist. During his 9 years in public education, Tom has accrued over $350,000 in grants for school programs.  

The TTM Consutanting mission is to equip our clients with the required tools, inspire them to be their best, and to guide them in acquiring their desired outcome. 

Our personal consulting services are perfect for:

  • Students applying to college

  • Graduates entering the workforce

  • Seasoned workers looking for change / advancement

Our professional consulting services are excellent for:

  • Educational Institutions looking to provide hands on training with the grant writing process.

  • Music Programs looking to gain student leadership and motivational strategies.

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