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Standardized Teaching for Standardized Testing - Issues In Education Today

In this article, Luke Wilcox (2017-18 Michigan Teacher of the Year) addresses problems with our current profession by suggesting a change to the current teaching model. For to long the sage on the stage method of teaching has been the focal point with the authoritarian teacher in the front on the classroom preaching and oozing knowledge to a room of students fervently taking notes. While this process creates students who can answer questions with high levels of success, it doesn't prepare citizens to engage and participate in a democratic, commonwealth society. It is far more beneficial to the students if the teacher acts as the guide on the side placing ownership of the educational process to the students.

"Teachers give direct instruction of the content and then students practice individually. The end product is graduates who don’t have the critical thinking skills necessary to contribute to our ever-changing society." - Luke Wilcox

As teachers, we should read this article and reflect on our own teaching practices to determine what changes we can implement to prepare our students for the real world rather than just passing the upcoming assessment.


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