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Getting Past Politics and Working Together!

It is time for a bipartisan commitment to public education reform. We need the politicians on both sides to prioritize real solutions to whats causing our steady decline across the board. This article brings light to the fact that public education is operating in "silo's of change". We are not currently working within one mechanism to truly address changes globally through our state. Districts are treading water and trying to stay afloat in their own pool, while not leaning on other schools and districts that have worked through issues.

The systemic approach needs to start at the top with great policy leaders in place to support the leadership in the schools who will support the teachers in the classrooms who will empower the students to take ownership and control of their own education while educating the whole child.

We have amazing teachers in this state even though the numbers are declining due to people being talked out of education. The teachers need to find a way to instill agency into the students while being prepared to deal with the trauma that our students are bringing into the buildings each and every day.

This is an awesome read and if you are not in education worth listening to / watching the videos as they are extremely accurate and very informative.

#MIeducationREFORM #MIequityED #AllMichiganStudents

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