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Educating in Lower Socioeconomics!

This is a pretty amazing article. Teacher burnout is acknowledged which is an important fact as well as the concept of successful teachers moving up to wealthy schools. While I have no issue with my students being from a high poverty area and also embrace many of the struggles and challenges that come along with it, this does not address that most lower socioeconomic schools have substantially lower pay scales and smaller populations leading to poor funding. While I advocate for student equality, I firmly believe that embracing the challenges that come with teaching in Urban schools, one should be paid as a professional. Period. Teachers are leaving because they are not paid well for what they are dealing with and not provided the proper tools to deal with much of the baggage entering the room.

#MIequityED #TeachersRuleTheRoom #EmbraceEquityInEducation #RiseUpAndSupportOurStudents #RiseUpAndSupportOurTeachers

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