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Court finds teacher evaluation system flawed

This article addresses something that is near and dear to my heart, teacher evaluation. Currently states use multiple models and while much of the content that determines ones "effectiveness" rating is very valuable, there is also much room for improvements to be made. My largest issue with current evaluation is that a percentage of my score is based on building wide data. If I do not/will not ever teach certain students, then their scores should not hold any weight on my personal evaluation. While this data is important and very much worth having a say in a building scorecard, simply put, it should not be part of my performance evaluation. This is just one issue with the current system in place right.

This article brings light to a business model being used to assess agriculture having no place in a classroom or school to evaluate teachers. Big business structure needs to get out of the classroom and stay where they are successful. To many people who are unqualified are trying to make decisions for the students in our country with no credentials to back their decisions.

Our students/children deserve much better!




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