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Tom is a Phaeton Trumpet Endorsing artist and performs exclusively on Phaeton Horns. His current preferred equipment includes:

For more information on Phaeton Trumpets visit their product website!

Tom is also an artist affiliate with Robinsons Remedies. Click the logo to check out there amazing products for wind musicians. It is truly the best lip product for players I've ever seen.



Tom has been featured on the following recordings:


PBM - Poor Boy Music


Hello Studio - 1997 - Trumpet
I Think I'm President Now - 1999 - Trumpet
The Black Album - 2000 - Trumpet/Vocals
Overview - 2002 - Trumpet/Vocals
The Manchester Sessions - Trumpet/Vocals
One Sip At A Time - 2007 - Trumpet/Flugelhorn/Vocals - Nationally Distributed
In Sleep - 2011 - Trumpet/Vocals

PBM Revival (Unplugged) - 2021 - Trumpet/Flugelhorn/Vocals

UK Compilations
RF 11 Turn and Enjoy
RF 12 Play Things
RF 13 Click and Enjoy
RF Records: The White Album
RF 14 Wait Until the Ride Stops
RF Records: British at Midem 2004


Drew De Four


The Troubadour - 2009 - Trumpet/Flugelhorn/Vocals


Musician for Hire

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