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Musical Foundations:

Stepping Stones for Success


Musical Foundations is the result of three years of teaching. As a middle school band director, I have struggled to find a method book that serves as a suitable warm-up option for younger musicians. With this problem in mind, I set out to construct my final Master’s Degree project for the American Band College of Sam Houston State University. Musical Foundations: Stepping Stones for Success is a warm-up book for the Middle School Band Room that is meant to supplement a program’s day to day studies.


When beginning the brainstorming process, I settled on four main areas to concentrate on that I felt would have the strongest impact on a young musician. The focus areas are listed on the following page along with a description of how to properly use them.


Musical Foundations is built around the keys of Concert Bb, Concert Eb, Concert Ab, and Concert F. Some of the etudes are composed in the relative minor keys as well to allow the students to experience minor tonality. It is my hope that both directors and students benefit from this book, and I look forward to releasing additional packs that contain the remainder of the keys in the upcoming year! 

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